JVIC is the leading provider of turnaround and specialty services to America’s process industries. We understand that the mission-critical nature of our work means it has to be done right the first time, every time.

Our business model is designed specifically to enable us to manage the challenges inherent in complex turnaround work scopes, optimization of multiple resources, intense time and schedule constraints and the potentially dangerous operating environment.

This unique set of challenges demands a specialized approach. Our operating model is designed to deliver on each of the critical components for a highly focused turnaround – deep technical expertise, the ability to respond to unexpected challenges, highly efficient processes and specialized safety protocols. We offer the comprehensive suite of capabilities required to perform this priority work to the highest standards of quality, safety and timeliness.

Our services include:

Planning and Scheduling - JVIC offers a dedicated team of experts who provide turnkey management of turnaround planning and execution.

Piping and Specialty Welding – JVIC maintains a long-tenured team of specialty craftspeople with state-of-the-art skills across all alloys.

Tower Services – JVIC has knowledgeable tower superintendents who are experienced in the modification, maintenance and replacement of towers and tower internals, as well as all associated process enhancements and reconfigurations.

Mechanical and Exchanger Services – JVIC’s expertise in this area includes bolted connections and process equipment assembly covering bundle extraction and repair and heat exchangers.

Bolt Torqueing and Machining – JVIC has extensive experience across all types of heavy equipment to deliver the torqueing, extraction, beveling, machining and monitoring of critical bolted components.

With all of these services, JVIC offers a total turnkey solution across a multitude of service offerings to drive efficiencies across the turnaround scope of work.

In addition to the above, JVIC also provides project/turnaround scope development strategy/management/coordination, turnaround readiness assessments, heavy rigging/lifting and engineered critical lift planning.

For more information on JVIC, please visit www.jvic.com

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