Zachry's Procurement Group is a full-service procurement group, providing supply chain services in support of our EPC Projects, Maintenance Services, JVIC Turnaround & Specialty Services, JVIC Fabrication, Zachry Engineering services work, and the Enterprise.

The team is located throughout the United States—in the Corporate Office and other Zachry Offices, as well as on our EPC Project jobsites and Maintenance Services jobsites.

Primary functional areas within the Procurement Group include Sourcing/Buying Operations, Field Procurement, Subcontract Management, Material Control/Data Interface, Material Management, Expediting, and Logistics.

Supplies & Services Needed

Zachry’s suppliers and subcontractors play a substantial role in all phases of the project. Zachry’s Procurement responsibilities include sourcing all services, materials, equipment, and subcontracts for projects. The list below represents typical types of goods and services that will be procured on projects.



Anchor Bolts/Embeds



Power/Instrument/Control Cable

Cable Tray

Heat Trace

Fiber Optic Cable


Pipe, Valves, Fittings, Hangars and Supports


Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Field Erected Tanks

Driven Piling

Sheet Piling


Lightning Protection

Fire Suppression & Detection


Hydro Blasting

Chemical Cleaning

Office Trailers

Hazardous Waste Removal





Civil Supplies

Safety Supplies

General Consumables

General Welding Consumables


Third-Party Rental Equipment



Boiler feed Pumps

Condensate Pumps

Motor Control Centers


Lift Stations

Water Treatment






Material Handling Systems

Supplier Code of Conduct

Zachry is committed to conducting business with reputable suppliers, vendors and other providers of goods and services who are share the same high ethical standards.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the principles we uphold, promoting integrity, fairness and sustainability throughout our supply chain. Learn more about our expectations and shared values as we work together to build a responsible and transparent business environment: Supplier Code of Conduct.

Become a Registered Supplier

Zachry Group utilizes an online portal system to register and pre-qualify suppliers and subcontractors.

Becoming a supplier with Zachry is an easy process. Zachry Group Supplier Portal is intended for suppliers and subcontractors seeking to do business with Zachry to pre-qualify for sourcing events and receive maximum bid opportunities. Registering through the portal will provide:

  • More timely approvals of financial, safety, and quality information allowing suppliers and subcontractors to be pre-qualified before a sourcing event occurs
  • Automated annual renewal of supplier pre-qualification

If you would like to register your company with Zachry Group:  

If you have been invited to participate in a sourcing event, and have been requested to pre-qualify your company:  

Fraudulent Invoices and Orders

Zachry Group has become aware of fraudulent communications, including invoices and orders for goods/materials, sent from impostors purporting to represent Zachry via email, phone, fax, or mail, to industrial supply vendors. For more information click on the link.