We are pleased to announce the formation of Numerical Advisory Solutions, an advisory services, software development and advanced modeling and simulation company that uses cutting-edge technologies and software to solve our customer’s most complex and challenging technical issues.

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Through our analysis and simulation company, Numerical Advisory Solutions, we are able to provide unique, insightful and understandable analytical solutions to our customer’s most complex, unique and challenging technical issues.

Numerical offers dedicated, highly technical, and specialized resources to better support Zachry Group’s growing customer base and enable Zachry to further support customers through energy transition initiatives and optimization of existing facilities.

With nearly 40 years of industry experience, we have achieved international recognition for our expertise in thermal hydraulics analysis, radiological analysis, safety analysis and software development.

Numerical utilizes customized tools and software, cutting edge technologies (including AI, machine learning and digital twins), creativity, complex problem analysis, and industry expertise to deliver theoretically sound, technically solid, practical, safe, and experience-based solutions for our customers.

We are providing customers with significant cost savings, higher design margins, operational flexibility, efficiency improvements, reduced reactive maintenance, increased reliability, and resource optimization.


Our internally developed software suites include:

  • GOTHIC™*
  • VIPRE*

*GOTHIC™, RETRAN and VIPRE incorporate technology developed for the electric power industry under sponsorship of EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute.

We also have extensive experience with modifying numerous industry software packages (such as thermal-hydraulics and structural loads software) and developing customized software (such as fire and smoke modeling software or gas dispersion modeling software) for our clients. Additionally, we link customized software we develop (such as chemical reactions and associated energy release) and industry software (such as RELAP5) with our software through various techniques.

Numerical Solutions