With five decades of nuclear power plant engineering experience, Zachry provides robust engineering, design and project management services to support the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants. Our analysis division works closely with both the operating fleet and advanced reactor vendors to quickly solve emergent issues, identify the most cost-effective solutions, increase operating margin, develop licensing and design bases and resolve regulatory findings. Through both analysis (NAS) and engineering divisions (ZNE), Zachry is supporting the design and pre-construction efforts of the emerging advanced nuclear fleet.

Zachry Nuclear Engineering (ZNE) is a full-service engineering firm providing analysis, engineering, design, and project management services to the operating nuclear fleet, as well as analysis and design services for the next generation of advanced reactors including non-light water reactors. ZNE offers skilled mechanical, electrical, controls, civil, structural and nuclear engineering professionals and designers who are knowledgeable and experienced in power plant systems, engineering analysis, software and design development. ZNE has performed all phases of power plant projects from conceptual and detailed design to construction and startup testing.

Numerical Advisory Solutions (NAS) is an internationally recognized analysis firm providing unique and insightful solutions to some of the nuclear industry’s most challenging issues. NAS’s developed software suite includes GOTHIC, the PROTO-Series, RETRAN, VIPRE and RADTRAD-NAI for thermal hydraulic, nuclear, and radiological analyses. Beyond our internally developed software, NAS is well-versed in the full array of analytical tools used in the nuclear industry today.

To learn more, please visit us at www.zachrynuclear.com and www.numerical.com.