We bring a highly dedicated, enthusiastic, and energetic work force to industrial maintenance projects and we recognize the significant responsibility we have to the facilities we work at and the communities we work and live in.

Our decades of experience help us create innovative approaches that lower customer cost – through reliability consulting, data management, and capital planning. We specialize in incorporating technology in practical ways, always with the long term in mind. And we prioritize working smarter and reducing hours. We believe that a strong partnership between customers and Zachry can reduce costs and support a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

A focus on productivity and reliability can offer significant opportunities for greater efficiency and cost savings. Zachry’s philosophy is to improve maintenance by focusing on the three productivity elements: work processes, people, and equipment.

Zachry has made productivity studies part of our continuous improvement process which is designed to add value to the client. Over the last several years, Zachry has performed studies at over 30 different continuous presence maintenance sites.

With a presence in 60+ customer locations, we are one of America’s largest merit shop employers. Our maintenance services include:

  • Nested presence
  • Continuous presence Small Capital Projects and Facilities Maintenance
  • Full service or supplemental support to owner’s staff
  • All industrial crafts including soft crafts
  • Small to large crew sizes
  • Large geographic footprint
  • Numerous multi-site alliance relationships

Through our dedication to continuous improvement, and with our Zachry SmartFocus Program, in 2022 we delivered an average of $2.67 per workhour of customer validated cost savings, with 9.9 million workhours completed for our participating Maintenance customers. Since 2010, Zachry employees have produced over $235 million in validated cost savings for our participating customers.