Our traditional power and cogeneration portfolio spans more than five decades and includes over 100 facilities designed and constructed to produce a total of more than 60,000 megawatts. We have built some of the nation’s largest and cleanest combined and simple-cycle natural gas-fired power plants in the past decade, serving both the independent power production market as well as regulated utilities. And our experience in power plant design and construction allows us to deliver outstanding turnkey operations and maintenance services, including executing more than 100 outages each year.

Zachry was recently awarded an EPC contract by Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) for its Power with Purpose (PwP) project. Zachry is responsible for the design and construction of OPPD’s two new natural gas generation peaking facilities, located in Nebraska, which provide firming support for OPPD’s growing renewable generation portfolio.


With 50 years in the nuclear industry, Zachry Group has supported most of the advanced reactor designs currently being pursued in the U.S. with analysis and design services, as well as many of those being developed internationally. Our support includes water-cooled designs, non-water-cooled designs and hybrid or integrated energy designs involving energy storage, hydrogen production and direct steam use. We support microreactors, small modular reactors and large reactors from the earliest conceptual design stages through operating license issuance. Support areas include all disciplines of design engineering, system engineering, integrated plant engineering and analysis, fuel design, transient, steady-state and accident analysis and application of digital twins and machine learning.

At least one product from our nuclear software suite, GOTHIC, PROTO-Series, RETRAN, VIPRE and RADTRAD-NAI, is used at all existing U.S. nuclear power plants for critical system analysis, as well as being utilized by the international nuclear community. Our engineering and design capabilities have been employed by the majority of America’s operating nuclear fleet. Zachry Group combines five decades of power plant design and engineering experience with 100 years of infrastructure and large project construction history.


Zachry Group has been active in the renewable energy sector for more than 35 years. We’ve leveraged our experience in power generation from traditional sources (coal, gas, nuclear) to become a leader in the engineering, construction and maintenance of facilities for power generation from renewable energy sources, including hydrogen, biomass, solar and biofuels. Our recent experience includes the design of the largest solar plant and the two largest single-unit biomass plants in the U.S. at their time of construction.

Zachry Engineering has performed studies and supported early phase development and detailed design work on blue and green hydrogen projects intended for blending with natural gas in advanced class combustion turbines for lower carbon generation from these assets. We have supported two successful carbon capture demonstration projects at existing coal-fired power plants in the U.S., and we are currently supporting early development work on a full-scale carbon capture project at an existing large coal unit.

The Zachry portfolio includes engineering and design within more than 25 ethanol units with feedstocks such as cellulosic biomass, corn, milo, barley, wheat and sorghum.  

Zachry Group is a leader at adapting to new industries and strengthening emerging technologies. In the fields of solar, biomass, biofuels and other renewable energy sources, our team has delivered full-service design and construction for power plant projects of all sizes.