For nearly a century, Zachry has been building projects across the US and the world. Consistently meeting project requirements and customers' expectations has been our hallmark. We have a deep understanding of the challenges and risks on every type of project, large and small, and are committed to safe, high-quality, on-time performance. Our 100 years of know-how was accumulated day by day, project by project by skilled people who understood the meaning, and meaningfulness, of our work.

We appreciate that every project addresses a critical need or represents an important investment opportunity for our customers. Their reputation, and ours, is on the line. Every aspect of a project, from massive scale to minute detail, must be considered when planning and executing any project. Everything matters. Having successfully completed tens of thousands of projects, we have developed proprietary processes and tools to seamlessly integrate every detail and every stakeholder at every point throughout the life of each project.

Our execution approach is built on the philosophy that aligning all the stakeholders as early as possible, and keeping them aligned throughout, yields the best outcomes. Our experience has taught us how to adapt and overcome the unforeseen challenges that will inevitably emerge during the life of the project, all while maintaining our focus on project completion goals. Our Digital Project Delivery system allows us to see the project months and even years ahead and adjust for safety, productivity, and constraint resolution, while preserving an optimized path of construction. We can more effectively plan, execute, and report project progress and performance. We have the experience and expertise to enable smart technology solutions, allowing our customers to have visibility and predictability into their most important commitments.

With Zachry's extensive experience across the entire project life cycle, Zachry recognizes the importance of high-quality engineering and procurement strategies that are structured to support an efficient construction plan and optimize the project's cost, schedule, safety, and quality. Zachry brings established, construction-driven EPC best practices to the FEL/FEED phase of a project, including advanced work packaging (AWP) and enhanced 3D modeling, allowing Zachry to minimize project execution risk while improving schedule and cost predictability

Our engineers design, and sequence deliverables, to meet the requirements of Advanced Work Packaging, always flexible and yet maintaining disciplined focus on construction critical path delivery. Starting with FEED/FEL, we engineer complex projects looking for opportunities to improve plant design and performance, as well as enhance constructability and maintainability.

Our fabrication capability allows us to improve cost, productivity, and safety by moving select work out of the field. As execution begins, we can utilize our shop space to meet the requirements of the critical path of construction, as well as deploy advanced welding technologies to the field.

The heart of our company, our craft workforce, is comprised of long-term dedicated employees, often multi-generation Zachry families, who genuinely care about their work and take pride in the results. We have the largest, most experienced, and most skillful open-shop workforce available to staff our projects. Coupled with seasoned and long-tenured Zachry project supervisors and managers, we have the capability to take on any project.

Zachry sets the standard for excellence and outcome predictability in executing EPC capital projects. With a full complement of engineering, procurement, and construction capabilities, we deliver unparalleled project success through a delivery system rooted in the following:

  • An Industry Leading Safety Culture
  • Full-Service Integrated FEED through EPC Capabilities
  • Execution Platform Centered on Advanced Work Packaging ("AWP")
  • Direct-Hire Construction Advantages
  • Experienced and Tenured Project Leadership and Field Supervision

At Zachry, we see the big picture and the long term. We don't compromise the future for the present. We are proud to be considered among America's essential workers and we look forward to continuing to build the world's most critical energy and manufacturing infrastructure.