We embrace the obligation to be a valued member of our communities, to provide a respectful and safe work environment for our employees, and to deliver distinctive value to our customers.

To maximize our effectiveness as a corporate citizen, we focus our efforts in these five areas:


Sustainability encompasses all of our activities that improve the environmental footprint and performance both at Zachry facilities and those of our customers. In addition to our own internal programs of energy conservation, materials usage and recycling, our sustainability strategy capitalizes on using our professional knowledge and skills to help others improve environmental stewardship.


Our community investment strategy focuses on how Zachry can contribute time, skills and resources to upgrade the social infrastructure of the communities in which we operate. Our employee volunteers create and participate in projects that result in enduring improvements for our local communities and the people who live there.


Our philanthropy strategy focuses our charitable giving by understanding the needs of the community and directing the financial resources in a manner that provides the greatest and most sustainable impact.


Doing the right thing has always been part of our culture, and we hold ourselves to the highest standard. At Zachry, responsible business practices encompass all of the procedures and guidelines necessary to support our vision to be a principle-based enterprise. These include the ethics, communication, leadership, quality and safety practices and business decisions that promote a genuine citizenship culture for all of Zachry.


We believe people are the only source of a sustainable competitive advantage and they are the key to our success. Our continued commitment to them — both on and off the job — is foundational to our corporate citizenship. Our people development strategy focuses on developing our employees to be successful contributors to their communities in parallel with their professional careers. Selectively, and as part of our community investment strategy, we invite non-employees to participate in these programs to enhance their leadership and other technical skills.