Press Release

Crews Mobilize at Indianapolis Power & Light Plants

Posted: 09/24/2013

Zachry crews have mobilized at Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) sites, Petersburg and Harding, as a permanent-based team conducting maintenance, small capital work and outage support. Zachry entered into a three-year maintenance contract with IPL, whose sites contain multiple coal-and gas-fired units.

The Petersburg plant is located in the town of Petersburg, while Harding is in the city of Indianapolis. Zachry will also provide services to IPL's rural Eagle Valley site on an as-needed basis.

The site's staff consists of 42 Zachry employees combined, hired from a database of former Zachry employees and local talent. At times of outage support, the crew could increase by 50 to 100 additional members, depending on demand. Outages typically occur in the spring and fall.

The IPL contract expands our existing footprint in the Midwest with a new customer. Our presence in the area dates back 17 years, and includes maintenance sites for Duke Energy and Detroit Edison, all of which share common resources out of Zachry’s Mount Carmel office.